Thanks to the highest quality ingredients and technologies, the bioavailability of the ingredients is enhanced, resulting in more efficient absorption. We offer a comprehensive range of anti-aging, immune-supporting and energy-boosting supplements to meet a wide range of needs. The efficacy of our products is backed by scientific research and customer feedback, and we offer safe and effective products.

Focus & Energy




Longevity & Fertility



Regeneration, Pure & Shine

A unique shot with a unique taste for detoxification, radiant skin and regeneration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cerenad a medicine? Is it equivalent to normal food?
No, it's not. Cerenad is not a medicine. It is a food supplement. Food supplements cannot replace a normal diet.
Can I take Cerenad at any dose per day?
Do not exceed the daily dose recommended by your doctor or pharmacist.
Can I use Cerenad together with other medicines?
Consult your doctor in case of illness or medication.
Is it allowed to use Cerenad during pregnancy or breastfeeding?
Consult your doctor during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
What is the expiration date and consumption life?
Consume before the Recommended Consumption Date (TETT).
How should I preserve Cerenad?
Keep out of the reach of children in a cool and dry place.


  • It is not a medicine.
  • The recommended daily dose is 1 tablet/capsule/shot.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake dose/portion.
  • Food supplements cannot replace a normal diet.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • It is not used to prevent or treat diseases.
  • Consult your doctor during pregnancy and breastfeeding and in case of illness or medication.

Do you have questions about Cerenad?

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